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"Very friendly, very quick to respond to an urgent request to help a move-in cleaning situation."

- Wendy B., KWC area, ON

"I appreciate that I can call and speak to a supervisor about any problems. I like that the service is dependable and reliable. I feel comfortable having the ladies in my home even though I am not there. I like the new format of having the rooms to "receive special attention", printed on the paper work. Prior to this adjustment, my tiny powder room was getting more than its fair share of attention each month instead of a systematic rotation around the other rooms. I still would like to a see Seniors' Discount introduced."

- Jacquie S., KWC area, ON

"The areas attended to your representatives are "sparkling" when they leave -- and the girls are cheerful and pleasant."

- Shirley B., KWC area, ON

"It makes our lives easier by cleaning things that I don't seem to have the time to do myself. The extras that the cleaning staff do are much appreciated."

- Todd M., KWC area, ON

"Jennifer and Stephanie were friendly and proceeded directly to begin work. They were thorough and efficient. They completed the job on time with everything being clean and sparkling. I was impressed by their professionalism and how quiet and unobtrusive they were. My house hasn't been this clean in a long time. When they left and I had time to look around I became aware how inefficient the previous service that I had been using really was. Jennifer and Stephanie would certainly be welcome to come again."

- Myrna D., Guelph area, ON

"Hello, I contracted Merry Maids for my sister's house. She was extremely pleased with the service."

- Elizabeth F., Guelph area, ON

"Superb! Karrie Englander August 26, 2016 - Rating: 10/10 The house was cleaner than it had been in ages. I loved that the baseboards were done, as that isn't something that we are usually able to get around to."

- Manju M., Guelph area, ON

"At the right time repeatedly and effective! And ready at a moment notice to do unusual actions, requirements! Effectiveley!"

- Wilson C., Guelph area, ON

"Very professional"

- Kerry K., KWC area, ON

"Please send me the invoice and receipt..thank you the girls were fabulous!"

- Eleanor H., KWC area, ON

"Polite and extremely detail oriented staff. Made an excellent job of my home and I'm thrilled to be back with you!!"

- Diane L., KWC area, ON

"Excellent service! I wanted my empty house cleaned and they did just that in a quick and efficient manner. Many thanks. "

- Laura D., KWC area, ON

"Everything is done as expected. The cleaning service is consistently of high quality."

- Cathy M., KWC area, ON

"I like being told what "extras" have been done besides the basic clean. I like that the staff don't mind my dog and cat being home while they clean. Everything looks great when I come home on cleaning day."

- Cathy T., KWC area, ON

"The cleaners showed up on time, and did a great job. The house had a number of students living their, and they left the bathroom and kitchen in horrible condition. The two cleaners made the whole house shine!"

- Ian M., KWC area, ON

"It was really amazing walking into a clean fresh house after a busy day at work. I am pleased that all the products are both pet friendly and environmentally safe."

- Alison D., KWC area, ON

"A couple of weeks ago, my cleaner found something behind a night table that had been missing for probably half a year if not longer. It's great coming home to little surprises like that."

- Kristina T., KWC area, ON

"The team is responsible and is definitely reliable! I love the accountability - if there is a problem it gets fixed right away. I also love the hand written notes after each visit with a list of the extras that were done (and I love the extras that are done)."

- Cynthia S., KWC area, ON

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